Why should I hire a translator or interpreter from FloridaInterpreters.com?
Our professionals are well trained and educated. Our education system is one of the best and most respected in the whole region and the excellence of our people is a well known local asset.  Despite the small size of the population, simultaneous interpretation market is very active with over 100 events of different sizes made every year.  In addition, many of our professinals are known for their expertise and are willing to travel for conferences, meetings and workshops.  Another important factor to be considered is the economic aspect. FloridaInterpreters.com keeps a lower overhead in order to pass on the savings to our customers.
We are organizing an event in Florida. Can FloridaInterpreters.com help?
Very often, local and foreign organizations approach us for help in coordinating international communication needs. Our company has over 12 years of experience and we are very familiar with places for events large, medium and small as well as service providers for every need.
How I can pay for services offered by your company?
Our services are open and available to customers around the world. Indeed, over 50% of all the projects translate today are submitted by customers who did not have a representative or local office. Paying for our services is easy. We accept all major credit cards and bank account payments through PayPal. If your company has a representative in the U.S., we can present our invoice for processing, and we except business checks.
How can we confirm a service request for our company?
Once you have decided that our services, delivery times and prices suit your needs for translation and confirmed our availability to carry out your request, we will need a Purchase Order from your company. If you do not normally issue purchase orders we can send you a Service Confirmation Form.
What is simultaneous interpreting?
Simultaneous interpretation is the process of facilitating communication between two or more speakers of different languages. Through the use of specialized equipment, the interpreter can hear the conversation between the speakers and interpret almost immediately into the target language.
What is consecutive interpretation?
Consecutive interpreting is when the speaker expresses a message and waits for the interpreter to repeat it in the target language. The interpreter usually takes notes and refers to them to interpret. Today, this method of interpretation is reserved for short presentations of up to 10-15 minutes. Often used in the interpretation of press conferences and witness testimony during court hearings.
How many interpreters will work in my conference?
In general, two interpreters work in a conference or event that requires simultaneous interpretation. For short meetings of two hours or less is possible to have one interpreter. If simultaneous interpretation will be required in more than one room at a time, two interpreters will be present in every classroom or conference room. If the assignment will largely take place in a room with separate short sessions during the day, you can assign a single interpreter for the individual sessions, although at least two interpreters will be present in the main hall.
How long does the installation of equipment for interpretation?
The interpretation team itself is very easy to install and should be ready to operate in about 30 minutes or less. However, you should always schedule at least one hour for the installation in order to coordinate the connections to the sound amplification system and the general assembly by the conference center staff.
What to bring the conference center?
To facilitate simultaneous interpretation, conference center or meeting place of their choice should be able to provide (i) a connection to the sound amplification system (unless the company also provides interpreting this service), (ii) a desk large enough to accommodate the team and two people located in a lounge area with little traffic and clear visibility of the podium and projection screen and a nearby outlet or a similar space to place the cabin for interpreters ( iii) two chairs, (iv) a pitcher of water. For larger events, (v) a second table should be available to provide translation receivers to the hearing.
Can we have simultaneous interpretation “portable”?
The field trips, tours, inspections and visits may require interpretation. We offer simultaneous interpretation for all your mobile needs. Our experienced translators and interpreters are equipped with portable interpretation that can convert virtually any place in a conference center. We provide simultaneous translation of high quality while traveling by bus, boat rides, tours of factories or buildings or outdoors.
We can hire an interpreter for an international trade fair?interpreter1-300x199
It is common for our professionals to be hired for international events such as trade fairs, exhibitions of products, industry events, etc. Some of these activities can be carried out in remote countries and interpreters can be difficult to find. Our professional interpreters are ready to travel with you around the world to ensure that your business communications are clear and effective.
Ca we get an interpreter for a group that travels for training?
The training and education centers around the world offer technical and professional courses in different places and many of these courses are not available in different languages. To take full advantage of training and educational courses for their staff, you can arrange for simultaneous interpretation for accompanying them. Our expert translators and interpreters can interpret and travel with your group to assist you in any classroom or meeting room.
What kind of materials should be provided for the interpreters?
The interInterpreters-300x193preters will be the voice of their lecturer. For this reason, the more we know about your event, the better. If possible, send us copies of the presentations, calendar of events, a glossary, biographies or CVs of the speakers, copies of videos to be presented during the conference, copies of statements to be read by speakers and basically anything that you believe will help them better prepare for your conference. No amount of material is excessive for the interpreters. If you care about your privacy, ask for a Confidentiality Agreement.
Will you use an interpretation booth for my event?
A cabin for interpreters is the ideal solution for any event that involves simultaneous interpretation. Some conference centers and meeting rooms offer built cabins in order to isolate the sound and portable cabins are also available for hire. The cabin offers a private space that helps the performers to concentrate on their work and also block their voices to avoid distracting the audience. The portable cabins cubicles are available. However, sometimes due to limitations of space and time, it is not possible to have an interpretation booth installed in lounge. Our interpreters professionals also been trained to work in these circumstances and their voices are rarely troublesome.
How to adjust my speech to use simultaneous interpretation?sign-interpreter-200x300
The rules used to speak successfully in public also apply to communicate through the simultaneous interpreters. Speak at a comfortable pace, avoid using acronyms without explaining its meaning, do not use puns, and a few more tips to be found in this article written specifically on the topic.
Do you mean with source and target languages?
The source language for translation is the original language of the speaker or the language used to write a document. The target language is the language to which the message or document will be translated or interpreted into.
What is the unit price for translation of documents?
Translations of documents are charged per word. The words in a document are counted using the tools provided word processing. We can also provide a quote for the finished translation before staring at no cost.
301735131_d27c49e07e-300x199What is a court certified interpreter?
A certified court interpreter is a professional that has past the written and oral exams offered by the different states to work in the U.S. courtrooms
We need to translate our website, how much would it cost?
The translation of a website is basically the same as the translation of any other document. Translations of websites charge per source word, ie the number of words contained in the original Web page.
If you have any further questions please contact us.

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